Tozskene [The Gold] was a Tholian who served aboard the Tholian Assembly starship Lanz't Tholis in the 2260s decade.

In the year 2266, the Lanz't Tholis was lured to Jinoteur IV by the Shedai Wanderer who captured its crew. Tozskene was one of 24 crewmembers who survived enslavement and the forced amplification the First Conduit with their telepathy. The Tholian was bound to a node within the Shedai communications and transportation artifact and forced into complicity.

Tozskene was later liberated from the Conduit by the Shedai Apostate, Vanessa Theriault and Tim Pennington, and was returned to the Lanz't Tholis. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

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