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Trader Captains and Merchant Princes was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA, as part of their Star Trek: The Role Playing Game series. Released in 1983, this module was a first edition that would be followed by a revised book with expanded content. The 2nd edition would be released as a two-book set with FASA RPG module: Spacelanes: The Magazine of Interstellar Trade.



Simon DeWittCyrano JonesHarry MuddHenery Schmerler

Starships and vehicles

Friday's ChildUSS John Paul JonesUSS Potemkin (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Argon-class (freighter) • Chameleon-class (trader) • Lenexa-class (freighter) • Mission-class (freighter) • Nilron-class (freighter) • Zeus-class (freighter) • repair bugyacht


the galaxy's Alpha and Beta Quadrants
Adhara system (Adhara) • Andor (Andor system) • AntaresAntosArgelius system (Argelius) • Ariannus system (Ariannus) • Axanar system (Axanar) • Benecia system (Benecia) • BetelgeuseBonanza (Aegis Aquila system) • Cait system (Cait) • Catulla system (Catulla) • Central Navigation BeaconCerberus system (Cerberus) • CestusCochrane systemCygnia MirosDalanda V (Dalanda system) • DaranDeHaDenebD'Livian VI (D'Livian system) • Duo III (Duo system) • DvlaakEarth (Sol system) • Earth Outpost StationsEddie's Old Time Spaceport DriveEdos system (Edos) • Enid VI (Enid system) • FacetFederation-Romulan Neutral ZoneIllyriaJanus VI (Janus system) • Katan III (Katan system) • KeefKlaanKlestKlevaanMakusMAOMemory Alpha system (Memory Alpha) • Merchant AcademyNew Paris system (New Paris) • Novoe Petrograd system (Novoe Petrograd) • Organia system (Organia) • Orion home system (Orion homeworld) • Planet Q system (Planet Q) • RigelRRissSpicaSsleenTalos star groupTautallusTellarTheta systemTorrt VI (Torrt system) • T'Rillan (T'Rill system) • Twilight Base (Draco Omega 371 system) • Twilight NebulaVulcan (planet) (Vulcan system)

Races and cultures

AndorianCaitianEdoanHumanGornKatan III nativeKlingonOrganianOrionRomulanRRissithTellariteTholianVaradeeVulcan

States and organizations

Bio/Genetic Research IncorporatedChiokis Starship Construction CorporationFederationGorn AllianceGgramphud Histo-Cryogenics, Inc.Henery Schmerler, Your Singing Liquor DealerKlingon EmpireMultiplanet Metals IncorporatedNew Amsterdam Gravitics Co.Rantura Shipping LinesRomulan Star EmpireShuvinaaljis Warp Technologies IncorporatedStarfleetTachyon Micromechanics, Ltd.Tholian AssemblyWilson Energies Ltd.Xaxxi Mechanistics Ltd.

Science and classification

Technology and weapons

airplaneaqualanternautomatic pistolautomobilebinocularsbiocomputerbowcamerachronometercommunicatorcomputercrossbowdata cartridgedeflector shielddisruptordisruptor recharge rackdisruptor rifleearpiece receiverelectronic ID cardenvironment suitfeinbergerflitterhand laserhand phaserheartbeat readerhelicopterholographic camerahyposprayknifelanternlaser recharge racklaser riflelaser pistollaser scalpellife supportlife support beltmachine gunmedical kitmedical tricordermotorcyclephaserphaser IIBphaser pistolphaser recharge rackphaser riflepistolprotoplaserpsychotricorderrevolverrifleship-mounted weaponshotgunshuttlecraftspace stationspray dressingstarshipstun clubstunnersubcutaneous transpondersubmachine gunswordtransactortricordertype-1 phasertype-2 phaserwarp drive

Materials and substances

Drugs and treatments
coradrenalinedylovenehyronalinemasiform-Dsterilitetri-ox compound
Food and drink
Antarean glow waterRomulan aleSaurian brandyScotch

Communications and languages

Federation StandardID cardKlingonesepiQaDVulcan language

Ranks and titles

administratoradmiralastronomerastrophysicistbotanistcaptaincargo handlerchemistcommandercommodorecrewmandepartment headdiplomatdoctorecologistengineerfirst officergeologisthelmsmanhistorianlieutenantlieutenant commandermechanicmedicmusiciannavigatorofficerpilotphysicistprincepsychologisttradersecurityzoologist

Other references

animalartastronomyastrophysicsautomobilebotanybriberycalendarchemistrycommunicationscreditdiplomacyecologyengineeringFederation historyFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2270s-2350s)forgerygalaxygamblinggeologygovernmentgravityhistoryhologramlanguagelawlifeformmarksmanshipmattermedicinemilitaryminingmusicmoneynavigationOrganian Peace Treatyoutpostphysicsplanetprimary universepsychologyquadrantraces and culturesrankspacespace-time continuumSpican flame gemstarstar mapstardatestar systemStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2270s-2350s)stateswimmingtechnologytimetitleuniformuniverseweaponyearzoology


Simon DeWitt born on Earth.
2280s (from circa reference stardate 2/15)
Current time period.



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