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Trader Captains and Merchant Princes was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA, as part of their Star Trek: The Role Playing Game series. Released in 1987, this module was a second edition, following the original Trader Captains and Merchant Princes. Revised with expanded content, this second edition would be released as a two-book set with FASA RPG module: Spacelanes: The Magazine of Interstellar Trade.


This two-book rules supplement for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game includes all the rules and charts needed for creating traders, privateers, merchants, con men, and rogues. A complete system for trading commodities, playing the stock market, procuring a bank loan, and maintaining a starship are all presented in an easy-to-understand format.
Book 1 contains comments and essays on the ups and downs of the merchant's life, written in the form of the Triangle Edition of the Interstellar Trader's Association magazine. Book 2 includes all the information necessary for the gamemaster to play and run characters who buy and sell merchandise, rent, lease, buy or steal a starship, find a cargo for hire, buy and sell on the black market, and many other possibilities.


  • Introduction
  • Creating Trader Characters
  • Training Trader Characters
  • Equipping the Trader Character
    • Starting Savings
    • Starting Cash
    • Guide to Equipment
      • Land Vehicles
      • Water Vehicles
      • Air Vehicles
      • Weapons
      • Medical Equipment
      • Clothing
    • Guide to Services
  • Judging Trade
    • Running the Corporate Bureaucracy
    • Independent Trade
    • Building a Business
    • Judging Spaceport Operations
  • Judging the Merchant Adventure
    • The Character Spokesman
    • Adventure Types
    • Adventure Preparation
    • Creating a Campaign Setting
    • NPCs
    • Establishing the Adventure
  • Judging Illegal Operations
    • Smuggling
  • Judging Finance and Investments
    • Stocks and Securities
    • Playing the Market
    • Bonds
    • Large-Scale Fleet Operations
    • Loans and financial Speculation
  • Appendix A: Travel Time
  • Appendix B: Trade Ships
    • Control Computers
    • Engines



Lawrence JordaineC. Northcote Parkinson
Referenced only
B'rintraeFederiko ComstockAurora FellLeRoy GannetCyrano JonesKevlath sutai-PlaviteemJames T. KirkTristan Leeper IIRandolf Merriweather IIIHarry MuddSintarTirexSara UndaraTamara UvancaUrden Victa

Starships and vehicles

Four Leaf Clover (Argon-class) • USS John Paul JonesRare Earth (Argon-class) • Baka 'Re-classChameleon-classLiberty-classLotus Flower-classMission-classMokal-classMonarch-classNilron-classZeus-class


Milky Way Galaxy (Alpha and Beta Quadrants)
AndorBonanzaCaitDalanda VD'Livian VIDuo IIIDvlaakEarthEdoEnid VIFacetJanus VIKatan IIIKeefKlaanKlestKlevaanMarsOrganian Treaty ZoneRRissShuridarSSleenTellarTorrt VIT'RillianTritiumTwilight BaseTwilight NebulaVulcan (planet)

Races and cultures

AndorianCaitianEdoanHumanKatan III nativeKlingonOrionRomulanRRissithTellariteTholianVaradeeVulcan

States and organizations

Bio/Genetic Research IncorporatedChiokis Starship Construction CorporationFederationGorn AllianceGgramphud Histo-Cryogenics, Inc.Klingon EmpireLeeper-Fell Universal, Ltd.Multiplanet Metals IncorporatedNew Amsterdam Gravitics Co.Rantura Shipping LinesRomulan Star EmpireShuvinaaljis Warp Technologies IncorporatedStarfleetTachyon Micromechanics, Ltd.Tholian AssemblyWilson Energies Ltd.Xaxxi Mechanistics Ltd.

Science and classification

aqualanternbiocomputerdisruptorenvironmental suitgillpakholographic camerahyposprayID forgery unitlaser scalpellife support maskphaserphaser IIBphaser pistolpistolpolice stunnershuttlecraftspace stationstarshipstun clubtricordertype-2 phaseruniversal translator

Ranks and titles


Other references

animalblack marketcalendarclothingcoradrenalinecreditdyloveneFederation StandardFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2270s-2350s)Four Years WargalaxygovernmenthyronalinKlingoneselanguagelawlifeformMasiform DmoneyoutpostpiQaDplanetprimary universequadrantraces and culturesrankspacespace-time continuumstarstar mapstardatestar systemStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2270s-2350s)statesterilitestock markettechnologytimetitletri-ox compounduniformuniverseweapon


2287 (from reference stardate 2/2308.09)
Current time period.





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