The ecological decline of New Kentari had split the Kentari into two factions. The Traditionalists was a political group in the Kentari Union. They upheld the Old Ways of the Kentari and were political opponents of the Reformists. They also referred to themselves as "Trads". (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Mirrors and Smoke")


The Traditionalists were active in the 2410s decade. By 2410, at least some Traditionalists were extremists. This included Minister of Defense Pentaaro, who dispatched loyal forces, including the dreadnought KDW Factoria, to combat alien visitors of the New Kentar system. Pentaaro attempted to oust Tuulemaan, Prime Minister of the Kentari Union, and a Reformist. He was stopped by the LSS Reskava of the Lukari Concordium and their Alpha Quadrant Alliance escort. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Mirrors and Smoke")


According to Minister Pentaaro, Trads considered well-armed aliens from advanced cultures as hostile invaders. To them, the Lukari were dangerous anarchists from the distant past, long exiled, and returning more dangerous than ever.

According to Prime Minister Tuulemaan, Trad soldiers considered the Lukari and other aliens a threat to their existence.

Captain Kuumaarke and her AQA partners considered such xenophobia unwarranted. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Mirrors and Smoke")

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