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In the mirror universe, the Trager was a Galor-class warship in service to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. (DS9 - Obsidian Alliances novel: Saturn's Children)


In the year 2372, the Trager was under the command of Gul Akellen Macet. It participated in an operation alongside the freighter Kamich, the IKS Pagh and the IKS Hegh'ta to locate an security breach within the Alliance that was supplying information to the Terran Rebellion. During the mission, the Trager's inferior sensor efficiency left the convoy open to attack by Terran rebels, but this helped confirm that there was indeed a security breach due to the precision of the attack. After Macet and Commander Klag exposed Pol Straken as one of the traitors, the Trager headed to Marcan V alongside the Pagh to investigate further. During a firefight, the Trager took heavy damage while the Pagh carried out he rest of the investigation, where they discovered that the House of K'Tal was responsible for the security breach. (DS9 - Shards and Shadows short story: "Family Matters")

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