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Tran was a Breen who existed in the early part of the 25th century. During that time, he rose to the position of a H'ren medic in the Fifth Order. He was assigned to the Breen Confederacy forces under Thot Trel that were attacking Deferi space though he was unaware of his superior's ultimate motivations. Tran was involved in the boarding of a Deferi civilian starship in the Raveh system. He did not believe in attacking civilians as he saw no honor in such a tactic though he obeyed the orders of his superiors.

The boarding action saw Tran captured by the security teams of the Deferi ship along with his fellow three Breen. They were detained on their ship until a Starfleet officer arrived to conduct an interrogation. He managed to speak to Tran and though the Breen was receptive to a conversation, he did not desire to speak openly in front of his superior. Thus, the Starfleet officer managed to silence the audio to prevent the higher ranking Breen from hearing Tran's conversation. The H'ren medic revealed important information on how to remove his people's subspace cortical implants as he deemed the technology to be a barbaric interrogation tool.

Tran provided useful data for Doctor Cossa so that she could perform an operation to remove one of these devices from a Deferi child. Following the completion of the operation, the Breen revealed that he could never return to Breen space as a result of his cooperation. Thus, he asked for asylum from the United Federation of Planets and stated that he knew others such as him he would want to defect whereupon he provided the Starfleet officer the coordinates for these renegades. STO mission: "Cold Comfort")

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