Headquarters of the Trans-Galactic Zoological Federation.

The Trans-Galactic Zoological Federation was an organization based on Earth in the 23rd century that worked closely with Starfleet Command.

Background[edit | edit source]

The organization sent space probes to distant, unexplored planets and studied the resulting plant and zoological data.

Its headquarters facility on Earth had a command section staffed by at least five people, as well as a botanical section. A president oversaw the organization.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2265, the organization sent a probe to Nova XIII, with its telemetry being monitored on Earth as well as by Nyota Uhura aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise, which was near the planet. The probe's walking robot sent out to explore the surface fell into an animal trap built by Nova XIII natives. The probe itself was crushed by the hand of a gigantic cyclops.

When transmissions were cut off, James T. Kirk and Montgomery Scott took the Galileo down to the planet to investigate. Their report provide detailed descriptions of the life on the surface. The Zoological Federation's president was grateful for their assistance, but disappointed that they had not taken a camera with them to document the lifeforms. (TOS comic: "Nova-Thirteen")

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