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Transformations is an original audio drama that launched the short-lived Captain Sulu Adventures series. Unlike most Trek audiobooks released by Simon and Schuster that adapted previously published novels, Transformations and its followups were original-to-audio storylines performed by several actors.

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USS Excelsior personnel
Flynn Konner (Voiced by Daniel Gerroll)Hikaru Sulu (Voiced by George Takei)
Referenced only
B'NaiJita KhanO'Sullivan
Constance Allenwood (Voiced by Dana Ivey)
Referenced only
Doreen AllenwoodLeteurSarekHeinrich SchliemannThomas VolgersonZahn

Starships and vehicles

USS ExcelsiorNelsonRattan


Sigma Cameron IV
Referenced only
Alpha CentauriClarion VIILevi's MaelstromStarbase 21Starfleet AcademyVega X

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

StarfleetVegan Traders Guild

Other references

archaeologyBendii syndromeClass Mfencingfield generatorholodischolorecorderkatraKing Tut's TombMuch Ado About Nothingpyramidretinal patternRosetta ProjectTroy


  • This story is told entirely in an epistolary format, through the log entries and communiqués of the three main characters.

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