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Odo encounters a clone of Weyoun who wants to defect, while Nog navigates the Great Material Continuum to help Chief O'Brien.




Julian BashirBroikCorat DamarEzri DaxFemale ChangelingKira NerysMartok, son of UrthogNogMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkRomBenjamin SiskoWeyoun 6Weyoun 7Worf, son of Mogh
Referenced only 
Robert DeSotoGantAl LorenzoJean-Luc PicardGaten RussolSirella, daughter of LinkasaCynthia WilloughbyEdgar WilloughbyEdgar Willoughby, Jr.Melissa Willoughby


Alpha QuadrantCardassiaCardassia CityDeep Space 9Dominion Headquartershabitat ringOperations centerPromenadeQuark'sStation commander's office
Referenced only 
BajorDecos PrimeEarthFerenginarOlmerakPelosaSector 507Starfleet Headquarters


Jem'Hadar fighterMiranda-classPerikian-classUSS Rio Grande (Danube-class runabout)
Referenced only 
USS DefiantUSS GettysburgUSS MusashiUSS Sentinel

Races and cultures[]

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States and Organizations[]

Bajoran MilitiaCardassian Central CommandCardassian GuardCardassian UnionDominionPromenade Merchants' AssociationStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Great Link

Other references[]

2309apeauthorization codebloodwineChief of Operationsclonecloningcometcourt martialdefectionDominion Warfairy taleFerengi Rules of AcquisitionGamzian winegeneralgenetic codegodgraviton stabilizergravitygravity netGreat Material Continuumgulholophotographyiceinduction modulatorlife supportkanarkava nutketracel-whiteketracel-white facilitykuiper beltmassagemorphogenic virusPADDphaserphaser emitterplasma conductorquartermasterreplicatorrippleberrySaurian brandyshapeshiftersolidspringballsquadronsuicidesuicide implanttermination implanttransportertransporter accident


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