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Treason is a novel of the Star Trek: New Frontier series from Pocket Books, by series creator Peter David, published in April 2009.


Mac Calhoun.

It is a time of political upheaval and uncertainty in the New Thallonian Protectorate. Following the brutal assassination of her husband, Si Cwan, former Starfleet officer-turned-newly-appointed-Prime Minister Robin Lefler must now face the growing danger and intrigue surrounding her newborn son and heir to the noble line of Cwan. Following a harrowing assassination attempt, Robin has no choice but to flee New Thallon with her child… seeking refuge with Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the USS Excalibur and creating a major diplomatic crisis in Sector 221-G.
The political fallout between the Federation and the New Thallonian Protectorate pales, however, in comparison to the threat of an enigmatic alien race determined to seize the infant Cwan for its own mysterious purposes. But nothing could possibly prepare Calhoun for the shocking betrayal from within—an act of treachery to aid and abet this alien race—forever altering the lives of the Excalibur crew…


On an alien vessel, a Hermat struggles for consciousness as s/he tries to reach for the ship's control console, but hir body doesn't respond. S/he notices something big, like a ship, appear on the screen as s/he slips into the cold grip of death



Elizabeth Shelby.

Arex Na EthBurgoyne 172Mackenzie CalhounSi CwanCwansiDesmaMick GoldTusari GynEdward JellicoKalindaZak KebronRobin LeflerCawng LiLuciusLylaShiboline M'RessAlynna NechayevNorkaiMorgan PrimusRulan 12SelarSoletaElizabeth ShelbyRomeo TakahashiTania TobiasVillersXyXyon of CalhounUSS Excalibur (NCC-26517-A) personnel
Referenced only 
FhermusMark McHenry

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Excalibur-A.

ambassador transportUSS Excalibur-A (Galaxy-class explorer) • IRW SpectreUSS Trident (Galaxy-class explorer)


Space Station Bravo.

AF1963Bravo StationNew ThallonSector 221-G
Referenced only 

Races and cultures[]

Zak Kebron, a Brikarian.


States and organizations[]

New Thallonian ProtectorateStarfleetStarfleet SecurityUnited Federation of Planets

Science and classification[]


energylifeformmatterparticlephysicsplanetpocket universespacespatial anomalystarstar systemtechnologytimeuniversewarp factorweapon



Materials and substances[]

Food and drink[]



Technology and weapons[]

command chairemergency weapon arrayengineforce beamreverse thrusterphaserspacecraftstarshipsteam-release venttransporterviewscreen

Ranks and titles[]

admiralambassadorcaptaincommandercommanding officerexecutive officerFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2373-2380s)flag officerflight controllerguardlieutenantofficerprime ministerPrime Minister of the New Thallonian Protectoratesecurity guardsoldier

Other references[]

armorbootchairclothingcurdleghostgovernmenthelmethomeworldjumpsuitmanornation-stateops stationpalaceraces and culturesrankscienceShal'tiarStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2370s-2380s)titletunicuniform


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  • Author Peter David announced on 10 July 2008 on his blog that he had just turned in the manuscript for a new New Frontier novel entitled Treason.[1] It was the first full-length New Frontier novel published in three years.
  • The book was published in the trade paperback format, a departure from the previous three novels in the New Frontier series which were published as hardcover titles. Like the hardcover releases the book was later reprinted as a mass market paperback.
  • Released editions corrected a minor discontinuity in the solicitation cover art. That version showed a Star Trek movies-era combadge in the sand, which would predate the setting of this book by a number of decades (unless it was shown for abstract nostalgia). The revised cover art depicted a 2370s-era combadge which was introduced in Generations, DS9 season 3 and VOY season 1, and was accurate to the setting of the story. The solicitation used the original New Frontier logotype, while released edition switched to the new font and styling that would be used on all subsequent releases from Pocket/Gallery/Simon and Schuster.
  • The Cross Cult German language translation was titled Hochverrat, released 7 August 2017, and featured new cover art with characters and situations from the book. While the original editions in English were changing their logotype, the Cross Cult translations would continue to use the original.




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