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This article is about the short story. You may be looking for the Star Trek franchise.

Gorkon encounters a critically injured Torias Dax.


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DaxCurzon DaxTorias DaxGorkon, son of Toq
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Audrid DaxEmony DaxNilani KahnToq

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Makrecha IV
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House of MakokKlingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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2285bantagbat'lethdisruptord'k tahgFederation Standardgamma radiationtargTreaty of Organia


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  • The author commented: "This story, 'Trek,' allowed me to put my ideas forward on why the Klingons of TOS differed from the later Klingons (putting a political spin on it.) I was also intrigued by The Lives of Dax anthology, which gave me the idea of using Torias' shuttle accident as Dax's introduction to Klingons, as an inciting incident to drive the Klingon story, and to explain how Joran Dax might have come about". (Voyages of Imagination, p 80) The short story "Infinity" in The Lives of Dax offers a different depiction of Torias' death, but both are set around the time of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.



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