The Treva sector was a sector of space in the Alpha or the Beta Quadrant. It contains the planet Treva.

This sector is unnamed in the source. "Treva sector" is used for titling purposes."

Over a ten-year-period from circa 2354 to 2364, Orions traded in increasing numbers across the sector. Orion trading ships visited ports in several systems, Orion currency was exchanged, and Orion communication, computer and data management technology transferred from world to world. However, the Orions did not participate in any slave-trading. The planet Treva also had no absolutely no trade with the Orions.

Lieutenant Commander Data theorized in 2364 that the Orions were attempting to establish a hold over the sector. They avoided attracting the Federation's attention by not engaging in the slave trade. They did not trade with Treva so as not to risk blowing the cover of President Nalavia, who was working to prevent Treva from joining the Federation and turn it and the other worlds of the sector against the Federation. (TNG novel: Survivors)


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