The Trevans were a humanoid civilization of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

Trevans were externally indistinguishable from Humans. They had a genetic makeup that was susceptible to the drug Riatine.

The text of the TNG novel: Survivors describes Treva as inhabited by a "humanoid culture of undetermined origin". The back-cover blurb, however, states that it was an isolated human colony, likely confusing it with the novel's lost human colony of New Paris (Turkana IV). If true, then Trevans are indeed humans, or closely related.

Trevans were a culture whose origins remained undetermined to the Federation in the mid-24th century, and it was described as fairly primitive by Federation standards. Trevan society had a deeply embedded class system, ranging from a peasant class to noble families. Although class distinctions blurred and faded with the democratic transition, prejudice against the lower classes remained in some arrogant members of the upper class: they were considered to be foolish, weak, and lazy. Some Trevans gave loyal service to their warlords, and passed this on through generations.

Intoxicating drugs were widespread and accepted in their culture. Their forms ranging from beverages to inhalants and tablets and even topical creams. All promised quick happiness and joy in life; one advertising slogan said they were "a well-earned pleasure after a job well done." These drugs served as a substitute to emotions suppressed by the Riatine deposited in the drinking water during President Nalavia's reign.

However, old warlords like Lord Rikan boasted of the Trevans' "independent spirit" still found in their country folk. (TNG novel: Survivors)

Trevans[edit | edit source]

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