The Trevin Resistance Movement was a paramilitary organization on planet Draanis IV in the Delta Quadrant. They formed to oppose the government of planet Dernovin, who had annexed Draanis IV a century prior, using its inhabitants, the Trevins, as slave laborers in the development of their computer technology.

In the 2370s, the Trevin Resistance Movement captured the USS Voyager, by wiping out the crew's short-term memories, and implanting false memories of Voyager crashing on Draanis IV and being stranded for four years. The crew was then confined to the holodecks while the rebels used the ship to threaten the Dernovin system.

Unfamiliar with the Voyager's capabilities, the rebels inadvertently destroyed the city of Gortella, and killing themselves in the process. When other members of the Trevin Resistance Movement claimed responsibility for the attack, the Dernovinians exterminated the entire Trevin race. (VOY short story: "Fiction")

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