Tri-Betaline (or T-B) was a star system located in or near Federation space, somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. The system contained a number of worlds, including the thirteenth planet, Syntagus Theluv, which was home to a humanoid species known as the Theluvians.

In 2364, the USS Enterprise-D entered the system on a mission to survey the system and establish contact with the Theluvians. Prior to that date, no Federation starship had ever traveled to the sector Tri-Betaline was located in. (TNG comic: "... Where No One Has Gone Before!")


  • T-B primary:
    • T-B I
    • T-B II
    • T-B III
    • T-B IV
    • T-B V
    • T-B VI
    • T-B VII
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    • Syntagus Theluv (T-B XIII)
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