Carrying large raw TFA crystals

Tri-faxichologenic acid, or TFA, was a drug and nutrient that was available to the Federation in the 23rd century. It was mined from crystals in the soil, and was considered to have great potential as a universal antibiotic.

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By 2266, Federation researchers were beginning to study its many potential health benefits. A black market existed for TFA, so it was illegal to possess in the Federation, but mining it was not prohibited.

In 2266, an unlogged asteroid encountered by the USS Enterprise was found to be a natural storehouse for the crystals. It was also a required nutrient for the indigenous plant and animal life, including a caveman-level humanoid society. Miners led by Pete Flamm addicted the local populace to the narcotic kurali to exploit them as free labor. (TOS comic: "And a Child Shall Lead Them")

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