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TRILL:They are a people with secrets. For centuries they kept their true nature hidden, even taking disturbing steps to protect the small population of near-immortal symbionts with whom a privileged few Trill are joined, body, mind, and soul. They are a people who hold memory to be sacred, yet deny their own past. Now amid a whirlwind of scandal, accusations, and growing civil unrest, Ezri Dax must penetrate millennia of lies and deceptions, and rediscover what should never have been forgotten, before her civilization rips itself apart.



Leonard James AkaarAsalJulian BashirRa'ch B'ullhyHuang ChaoyingCylTaulin CylDax (symbiont)Ezri DaxDoyosFalHiziki GardBera chim GleerJenkJuarezRanul KeruKira NerysRantic LanNelenne LefLevMazLirisse MazMatthew MazibukoMemhDynkorra M'RelleRarnRenholBehza RianuRame SagadoSengDapo SengDula SengPran SevosTalrisRylen TalrisJirin TamborTaran'atarCharivretha zh'ThaneT'LatrekVadel TorvinTreborVahVluMin Zifeunnamed Trill
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Dante AlighieriNeema CylAudrid DaxCurzon DaxEleenEmony DaxJadzia DaxJoran DaxTorias DaxJerella DevDhejFelixGrekelSean HawkHenneneHodakLenara KahnNilani KahnVerad KalonLiakAbraham LincolnEthan LockenAkellen MacetMornChristopher PikeBethan RoaWilliam RossSarekSefShakaar EdonMary ShelleyKhan Noonien SinghBenjamin SiskoKal TamborGrala TemPrynn TenmeiTimorJayvin VodDuhan VosWorfZiranne


EarthMinos KorvaTrill (Ayai'leh-hirhBes ManevCaves of Mak'alaLeran ManevNajana LibraryTrill Senate Tower)
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AfricaAlpha CentauriAndorArdanaBajorBanaBetazedCaitCapella IVCardassiaDamianoDeep Space 9DenevaLake DevritaneFloridaGanses PeninsulaGheryzanGheryzan HospitalGulf CoastKurlNew FranceNew ScirapoNew SydneyQuark'sTenaraTenaran ice cliffsVulcan

Races and culturesEdit

AndorianBajoranBolianCaitianCapellanCardassianDamianiHumanJem'HadarParasiteTellariteTrillTrill symbiontVulcan
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Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Rio Grande (Danube-class)
Referenced only 
Akira-classUSS DefiantUSS Enterprise-EUSS Gryphon (Akira-class) • USS KellyUSS NileTDM 1-12USS TereshkovaTrill patrol vessel

States and organizationsEdit

AnnuatedDefense CommandFederation Security CouncilManev Central HospitalTrill Defense MinistryTrill Symbiosis Commissionneo-PuristsOrder of the GuardiansStarfleetTrill SenateUnited Federation of PlanetsWatchers
Referenced only 
Council of the United Federation of PlanetsGheryzan HospitalOrion SyndicateSection 31Symbiosis Evaluation Board

Other referencesEdit

afterlifeAmerican Civil WarBattle of RigelburialcancerCathedral artifactcccemeterydermal regeneratorDominion WardrenoctazinedreolineEmissary of the ProphetseomrekerEugenics WarsFederation Constitutionfenza birdfirst contactfistriumfleet admiralFrankensteinGettysburg Addresshovercarhover-gurneyisoboramineisolation suitKurlan naiskoslectrazinelidaMak'relle Durmanateemun'ika bugneurogenic radiationparasitepiracyplisagraphPresident of Trillreassociationskimmersyto beanteertelepathyTenaran sealterrorismtransparisteelTrill GuardianX-rayxenoanthropologyyilga moth


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