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The Trill Senate Tower was the seat of government for Trill, housing the chambers of the Trill Senate and the office of the President of Trill. It was located in the government quarter of the city of Leran Manev.


The main entrance had a floor-to-ceiling transparisteel entryway, leading into a spacious lobby. The south wall of the lobby had a bank of turbolifts and was a gleaming black. Stairwells to the upper and lower levels were also present.

The third floor housed a speakers' platform that overlooked the tower's entrance. The platform was a semi-public balcony that was open to view from below but shielded from small arms fire. Dozens of holocams provided feeds for comnet-wide public address. The balcony was surrounded by plants which supported native animals such as the fenza bird. Not far from the speakers' platform was a short corridor that led to a large chamber that housed machinery and technology that powered the platform.

Upper levels housed various offices for government staff and senators.

A Defense Command security center manned by Trill Defense Ministry staff was located in an undisclosed sub-level beneath the tower. It could be accessed via turbolift, but only if the passenger entered the correct access code into the lift's keypad. It was a wide, sprawling room with viewscreens and monitors lining the walls and various consoles for data retrieval, communications, security monitoring and other tasks.


In early-October 2376, the Senate Tower was infiltrated by neo-Purist terrorists. They killed Senator Rylen Talris and intended to detonate a neurogenic radiation bomb that would kill all Trill symbionts within range. Fortunately, they were stopped by General Taulin Cyl, Hiziki Gard and Trebor, and Starfleet's Lieutenant Ezri Dax and Doctor Julian Bashir. (DS9 - Worlds of DS9 novel: Trill: Unjoined)


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