Triptacederine is an medicinal analgesic.

Elim Garak took triptacederine to alleviate his pain from his Obsidian Order cranial implant in 2370, although Julian Bashir told him that the amount he had taken would anesthetize an Algorian mammoth. Bashir also warned Garak that another dose of triptacederine could kill him. (DS9 episode: "The Wire")

In 2373, Bashir gave triptacederine to Kira Nerys that was to be used to alleviate Tekeny Ghemor's pain due to complications from Yarim Fel Syndrome. (DS9 episode: "Ties of Blood and Water")

In 2379, Ranul Keru asked Christine Vale for triptacederine after he was injured in an explosion on Romulus. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)

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