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The Trojan War was a famous battle from ancient history on the planet Earth. The war was featured in the literary works of Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

History and specifics[]

The Trojan War involved the fall of the city of Troy, employing the tactic of the Trojan horse. Cassandra, daughter of King Priam, watched as an apparent peace offering of a massive wooden horse was brought past the Scaean Gates into Troy. Later she saw soldiers emerge from the hollow horse, open the gates, burn the city and murder its people, including her father. (TNG novel: A Call to Darkness)


Heinrich Schliemann sought and discovered the location of the city of Troy, which experts had previously considered to be a fictitious location. Nyota Uhura said the Troy Museum had excellent artifacts. (TOS novel: Uhura's Song)

In the year 2367, Geordi LaForge programmed the holodeck to simulate an open hall from ancient times where an elder Homer performed his stories to an audience. Once, Homer told story of the fall of Troy, ending with Cassandra finding relief at least that her father never saw his city burn. (TNG novel: A Call to Darkness)



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