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Federation Station Deep Space 10 has been plagued by technical difficulties since its construction a year ago. On several occasions, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team on the da Vinci has been sent to fix them, and now the problems have grown worse.

Fearing sabotage or worse, Commander Gomez and her team try to fix the station once and for all -- but Dr. Sarjenka has another idea about what's happening, a theory which puts her at odds with her new superior officer, Dr. Lense.


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Imra ArdeenNancy ConlonDomenica CorsiBart FaulwellFesoanDavid GoldSonya GomezKesh-MaraKesla RanduLauoc SaonElizabeth LenseDuglos OrnaP8 BlueLaura PoynterWin lorin RenAjit RossSarjenkaSolomanAnthony ShabalalaFabian StevensTegorMor glasch TevSongmin WongRoger Zeile
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Richard DaystromKieran DuffyDantas FalcãoSusan HaznedlRod PortlynKatherine PulaskiWilliam RossMontgomery Scott

Starships and vehicles

USS AbraxasUSS da Vinci (Sabre-class)


Algira sectorAlmatha sectorBadlandsBajorBeloti sectorBetrisiusBundinalCardassia PrimeCardassia sectorDeep Space 9Deep Space 10Dorvan sectorFerenginarGalvan VIMariposaRisaTevakTorrosTrellium mining planet

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States and organizations

Cardassian UnionDaystrom InstituteDominionDytallix Mining CorporationFederation News ServiceOrion SyndicateStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersTalarian RepublicTechnology Assessment DirectorateUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

alpha-currant nectarAntarean glow fishbioneural gel packblood infusercordrazine • "Core-Breach" • EPS conduitFederation News ServiceferretGamzian winegremlinhyperspannerisolinear chipkelnididemagnetic coil assemblymagno ballMunchausen syndromemushNor classOccupation of BajorODN networkplasma manifoldSpican flame gemteatoasttoraniumwilk


This story includes several flashback scenes to past incidents aboard the da Vinci and DS10 throughout the run of the SCE/CoE series:

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