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Struggling to write a congratulatory letter to Will Riker as he leaves the Enterprise for Titan, Captain Picard finds inspiration in a letter left for him by Captain Thomas Halloway.



Jean-Luc Picard
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Beverly CrusherDataSolveig HallowayThomas HallowayJ.P. HansonIsaakerrKathryn JanewayKaminGeordi La ForgeLocutusRené PicardRobert PicardQWill RikerNorah SatieShinzonDeanna TroiChristine ValeWorf

Starships and vehicles

Andromeda-classUSS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS Enterprise-EUSS Foundation (Nova-class) • USS Melbourne (Nebula-class) • ScimitarUSS StargazerUSS Titan


Bassen RiftDeneb IVEarthFarpoint StationGum NebulaLabarreLigon IILunaMaxia ZetaMinskRashanarSan Francisco Fleet YardsUtopia Planitia Fleet YardsVeridian IIIWolf 359

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Other references

thalaron matrix

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