The tschak were a crustacean race native to the Gamma Quadrant.


The tschak were crab-like, with half a dozen barbed and jointed legs that would presumably have supported their bodies with a row of manipulative members along the front of the torso that resembled forked tentacles with elbows in them. Four black pits were arranged above the manipulators. They have purplish flesh and breathe hydrogen-methane atmosphere. (DS9 novel: Valhalla)


The tschak were a small civilization in the Gamma Quadrant that had little contact with other alien life. Despite this the tschak considered themselves to be voyagers. Tschak regarded those that explored the stars to be heroes that would earn an eternal place in Heaven. The tschak were firm believers against the use of weapons, going as far as not to arm their own ships, despite the risk of pirates and unknown alien life. Tschak also did not differentiate myth and history as separate studies but as one entity. (DS9 novel: Valhalla)


The tschak believed in an afterlife which they referred to as Heaven. Entry into this afterlife was decided by a group that their mythology called the Judges of the Dead. Their views on death were quite unique as they had no concept of Hell, a unique trait as most sentient cultures believed in two separate realms for good and evil doers. They also believed that the dead could interact with the living through dreams. (DS9 novel: Valhalla)


The tschak possessed computer systems that made the Federation and Cardassian Union seem primitive, such as the Besrethine neural network.

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