Prospector Ttan was a female Horta in the 24th century.

Ttan was native to the Horta homeworld Janus VI, when she first tunneled to the surface of the planet she was overcome with the vast open space and panicked.

In 2370 Ttan volunteered for her and her clutch of twenty eggs to travel to Bajor to help revitalise the Bajoran mining industry. A Federation cruiser, the USS Puyallup, was specially fitted to accommodate her on the journey, filled with synthetic concrete to simulate Ttan's usual rocky habitat. As the ship was nearing Deep Space 9 it was attacked by a Cardassian vessel and Ttan was kidnapped.

Ttan awoke to find herself suspended in midair, and panicked, squirting her acids. She was greeted by her captor, Gul Mavek who told her he had her eggs and she would have to cooperate to ensure their safety. She was taking to the mining moon Davonia and instructed to search for latinum, which she did, but not fast enough for Mavek who refused to allow her to see her eggs.

Mavek continued to blackmail Ttan until she was rescued by a team from Deep Space 9. They informed her that her eggs were safe on the station. In revenge for what he had put her through Ttan dissolved Mavek, killing him.

Ttan was returned to Deep Space 9 and then transferred to Baraddo, a moon of Bajor, where she and her children found valuable mineral deposits. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

Ttan is first identified as Titan however the name is consistently spelled as "Ttan" throughout the rest of the book.
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