Tumek was a Klingon male, and an aide to Grilka and her house in the 2370s.


In 2371, Tumek awakened Quark, who had been kidnapped from Deep Space 9 and brought to Qo'noS. He explained the situation over Kozak's death and D'Ghor's challenge. Tumek later officiated at Grilka and Quark's impromptu wedding. (DS9 episode: "The House of Quark")

Tumek came to Deep Space 9 with Grilka in 2373. After he realised Worf was infatuated with Grilka, Tumek implored him to stay away, citing his exile from the Klingon Empire and the fall of the House of Mogh. Tumek later mediated a bat'leth battle between Thopok and Quark in the holosuites. DS9 episode: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places")

Tumek returned to DS9 with Grilka later that year. His mistress planned to get him to make a rokeg blood pie for Quark. (DS9 short story: "... Loved I Not Honor More")



Tumek was played by Joseph Ruskin.

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