Tunzos was a male Klingon captain serving in the Klingon Defense Force in the 23rd century. He was the commanding officer of the K't'inga-class IKS Rakor. He was an intelligent, determined and thoughtful commander, unless provoked.


In 2273, Tunzos was ordered to capture or execute at all costs two Klingon dissidents, Chetar and Morg, criminals who had spoken out against the government. The fugitives were traveling aboard an old Vegan Tripper-class commercial flyer near the planet Telos. When IKS Rakor caught up with their ship, it was in orbit of Telos next to the recently refit USS Enterprise.

Tunzos hailed the Federation starship only to learn that the criminals had been granted political asylum. He was calm until James T. Kirk suggested that Tunzos follow diplomatic methods to get the criminals back, when he fired a torpedo at the Enterprise. Kirk fired back with a warning shot. Tunzos then brought his ship within fifty meters of the Enterprise to stare Kirk down. He gave Kirk an hour to comply, undisturbed by the possibility that weapons fire from such close range would destroy both ships.

Chetar and Morg chose not to accept sanctuary within the Federation. They fled in their spacecraft while the Enterprise blocked their line of sight to the Rakor. Kirk then fooled Tunzos by launching a pair of travel pods. Tunzos blew up the two pods with torpedoes. Satisfied that he'd killed the criminals, Tunzos promised Kirk that they would meet again. (TOS comic: "Double Bluff")




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