The Turei frigate was a class of starship used by the Turei military beginning in the 24th century. (VOY episode: "Dragon's Teeth"; STO video game: Delta Rising)


In the year 2376, several of these vessels pursued USS Voyager to Vaadwaur Prime after the Federation ship was accidentally pulled into an Underspace corridor. The Turei ships bombarded the planet to destroy the Intrepid-class ship, but lacked sufficient radiation shielding to enter planet's atmosphere, or get an accurate sensor lock. Voyager subsequently disabled several frigates by using a Vaadwaur sentry satellite to lock onto the fleet. (VOY episode: "Dragon's Teeth")

In 2410, the Turei fielded these vessels against the resurgent Vaadwaur Supremacy multiple times, first at Rear Admiral Tuvok's request in the Entaba system to repay the Alpha Quadrant Alliance for helping to repel a previous Vaadwaur invasion of the Turei homeworld, then against a renewed Vaadwaur invasion. After joining the Delta Alliance, the Turei deployed such ships to blockade the Underspace corridors near Vaadwaur Prime, cutting Vaadwaur Overseer Gaul off from escape or reinforcements. (STO - The Delta Quadrant missions: "All that Glitters", "Alliances", "Takedown")

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Visually similar to Voth Palisade-class science vessels, Turei frigates were armed with plasma beams. (STO video game: Delta Rising)



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The Turei vessel in "Dragon's Teeth" is a reuse of the Voth research vessel studio model from "Distant Origin". In Star Trek Online the Turei and Voth are allies, suggesting that the Turei use of Palisade-like vessels may be a result of Voth arms sales to the Turei, much like the United States and Russia, among others, have historically sold firearms, warships, and aircraft to their allies on Earth.

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