Turr was a 23rd century Turraca man. He was the telepathic leader of a group of the gorilla-like Turracas on the planet Alpha 332.


In the 2260s, Turr lived on the mountainside of Biluddin volcano. He led troops of warriors intent on wiping out the neighboring humanoid Parraca tribe on the other side of the mountain. Turr believed the volcano symbolized war and obeyed his wishes.

In 2266, as Turr's troops approached the Parraca village, they encountered James T. Kirk and Spock, who had sought out the Turracas to warn them about the volcano's imminent eruption. Turr believed that, since they were riding Parraca beasts, Kirk and Spock must be allies of their enemies, and he decided to sacrifice them to the volcano. Kirk and Spock beamed back to the Enterprise just before being thrown into the lava. The dematerializaton scared Turr's warriors, convinced them of the danger, and they began to flee. Turr stood his ground, but unfortunately the top of the volcano suddenly blasted apart, killing Turr and all of his men. (TOS comic: "The Gods Have Come!")



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