A turret was a type of weapon. In space, turrets were small unmanned defensive platforms which were used for protective purposes in the absence of starships. They had no propulsion system, and so were transported using starship tractor beams.


A single turret was placed to safeguard engineering station 473 and shipyard 17 within the Encaria star system by May 2159.

In 2270, a series of turrets were placed by the Klingon Empire within the Kathra system.

In 2273, a series of Federation turrets were used by T'Uerell.

By 2333, Starbase 61 was complemented with six defensive platforms in the Phidian system. That year, the crew modified the turrets to increase their range in power. Deployed by Starfleet vessels via tractor beam over the inhabited planets in the system, these turrets provided a defense against incoming stellar debris.

In 2368, a series of turrets was placed within the Itarian nebula by the Tal Shiar to protect their starbase.

In 2380, a pair of Federation turrets were placed within the Hayre Expanse's system. (ST video game: Legacy)

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