Tutopans are a humanoid race hailing from the Tutopan cluster in the Delta Quadrant. They are tall, with flat facial features, colorless hair, and peach-colored skin, and usually speak with monotone voices.

Tutopan society favors the collective over the individual, and is heavily structured, with this structure maintained by a Board of Administrators who are themselves at the mercy of the Cartel. Tutopans are rigorously tested during every phase of their lives, thrust into simulated, often borderline-traumatic, situations that are engineered to force them to reveal their character. The results of these tests determine the course of their lives, and have condemned many Tutopans to menial jobs.

In 2371, when House Min-Tutopa suddenly lost its Supreme Arbitrator, one of its Administrators, Andross conspired with one of his associates, Fee, to rig the elections for the Arbitrator's replacement so that Fee would become the new Arbitrator. To this end, he stole a number of ship computers, including the main processor unit from the USS Voyager. (VOY novel: Violations)

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