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For the primary universe counterpart, see Tuvok.

In the mirror universe, Tuvok was a Vulcan male who lived during the 23rd and 24th centuries. He was the husband of T'Pel and the father of Sek, Varith, Elieth and Asil, though Sek died of an infection in the 2360s.


Tuvok was born in 2264, at which time the Terran Empire still dominated the quadrant. He entered the Imperial Starfleet and was later assigned to the ISS Excelsior. Sometime during his service, Tuvok was forced to kill Captain Styles and take command of the Excelsior after Styles betrayed the Empire.

In 2293, Tuvok attended a secret meeting on Vulcan which was conducted by Emperor Spock and Empress Marlena where Spock unveiled his plan of Memory Omega and the use of sleeper agents to bring about a new civilization after the fall of the Klingon Empire. Other attendees included Spock's father President Sarek and Captain Saavik of the ISS Enterprise.

After the conquest of the Terran Empire, he and his family lived under oppression from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Tuvok became the slave of T'Kar, a Klingon official who was serving in the Alliance's intelligence-gathering organisation. T'Kar was eccentric and had little proficiency with machines. Tuvok eventually took advantage of T'Kar's mechanical ineptitude, using technology to assist in his escape. (VOY - Mirror Universe novel: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

The fact that Tuvok was T'Kar's slave is an in-joke based on the fact that both characters were played by Tim Russ.

When Captain Benjamin Sisko started the Terran Rebellion against the Alliance, he joined and told his new comrades that the Alliance murdered his family as a way to ensure no-one suspected him of deceit. Tuvok secretly retained contact with his family, his wife as a member of Memory Omega and his children as undercover sleeper agents working as slaves in Alliance facilities, passing on information.

When Sisko was killed by the Alliance, Tuvok ended up being the only voice of reason during a heated discussion between different factions of Sisko's troops. He openly opposed Bashir and Rom's suicide attack plan on Terok Nor, saying it would waste the few resources they had. Nevertheless, he was as surprised as anyone by the apparent return of the presumed-dead Benjamin Sisko. (DS9 episode: "Through the Looking Glass")

By 2371, Tuvok was a member of the crew of a raider ship Geronimo, led by Captain Chakotay. Their group led constant hit-and-run raids on Alliance territory and often used the Badlands' plasma storms to escape.

Later that year, while fleeing from Gul Aman Evek after a raid to obtain components to be used in the construction of a powerful new warship, Tuvok and his cell encountered Neelix, an alien from another part of the galaxy, and learned that his companion Kes, an extremely powerful telepath, was in Alliance custody. Realising the Alliance couldn't be allowed to harness her powers and after enough persuasion (possibly with "assistance" from his telepathic abilities) Chakotay authorised a rescue mission to Monor Base where Kes was being held.

The plan was undone however, when the Geronimo's chief engineer, Kate Janeway, turned out to be a spy for the Alliance and helped capture the group. Tuvok and the rest of his group were freed by Harry Kim, and when alone, Tuvok secretly contacted his wife and arranged for her to take Kes to Memory Omega where she would be safe from the Alliance and allow the Rebellion to not be considered a much larger threat. Tuvok told his colleagues that Kes has "ascended" into a being of pure energy, then he and the rest of his group escaped back to Rebellion territory on the Geronimo. Later, he took an extended "religious vacation", when in fact he left for the Memory Omega base at Regula to help Kes control her abilities and use them against the Alliance. (VOY - Mirror Universe novel: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

Shortly afterward, Tuvok returns to Memory Omega to enlist Kes in a new plan to stop B'Elanna, who had gained Kes' telepathic abilities due to genetic re sequencing conducted by Crell Moset. The pair tracked B'Elanna to Archanis where she was hiding out, with Crell Moset, in a residence owned by Ishka. Kes managed to mentally manipulate B'Elanna into transporting herself into a small containment cube, so that her new telepathic abilities could not be replicated by other Alliance scientists. Unfortunately, Kes, because Tuvok refused to allow her to tell her love Neelix that she was still alive, swapped out the containment cube for a duplicate so that she could use the real cube as leverage against the Rebellion. (VOY - Mirror Universe short story: "Bitter Fruit")


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