Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was a Terran novel by French author Jules Verne published in 1870. It was notable for predicting the use of submarines long before such vessels were practical.

Owen Paris read Twenty Thousand Leagues to his son Tom when he was a boy. It became a favorite novel of Tom's, and fueled an obsession with sea stories, as well as a desire to join the Federation Naval Patrol. (VOY episode: "Thirty Days") In an alternate timeline, Paris called Annorax "Captain Nemo", a reference to Verne's antihero. (VOY episode: "Year of Hell")

The novel's vessel, the Nautilus, was the namesake of the first real-world nuclear-powered submarine, and later, of the several Federation starships named USS Nautilus.

The designer and captain of the Nautilus was Captain Nemo, who (under the name "Nowan" [pronounced "no one", which is what nemo means in Latin]) shared a pizza with Captain Christopher Pike and Captain Hompaq in The Captain's Table. (TOS - The Captain's Table novel: Where Sea Meets Sky)

The novel's viewpoint character, Pierre Aronnax, was presumably the namesake of Aronnax Station on Pacifica. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)

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