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Introduction (blurb)

Unlike most planets, Rimillia does not spin upon its axis, so its day and night sides are subjected to perpetual extremes of hot and cold. Habitation has only been possible on a thin band of the planet's surface ... until now.

Using gigantic impulse engines of unimaginable power, the alien Dumada intend to start Rimillia rotating, rendering the entire world fit for colonization. Yet some fear the enormous stresses involved may instead tear the planet apart.

Assigned to assist the Dumada, Captain Kirk must rescue a kidnapped scientist vital to the rotation project. But, once the giant engines are activated, can even Scotty save Rimillia - and the U.S.S. Enterprise - from total destruction?


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BenjaminBradyChristine ChapelPavel ChekovGoodloeMigina HaidarHughesNashira JorayJames T. KirkKovari KostasMarybethLeonard McCoyDobry NeronMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluTurnerNyota UhuraVagle
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Anton ChekhovCheshire catGodLexiTelingaYork

Starships and vehicles

colony shipUSS Enterprisehovercarsupply shipsurvey ship


the galaxyRimillia
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Amusement Park planetBayless IVColeman's PlanetDumaEminiar VIILeslie's WorldOmicron DeltaSiberia

Races and cultures

Dumada (Rimillian) • HumanVulcan
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States and organizations


Science and technology

airanabolic protoplaserantimatterbinary starbreastcoldcommunicatorcomputerdisruptordomeearthquakeenergy barrierenvironment suitfirefurgalaxygallongene sequencingglaciergraviton collimatorhyposprayimpulse engineinchinertial damperisolinear chipkilometerliquidmedical tricorderminuteneural netoxygenphoton torpedoplantpoisonprotoplaserpulse rateradiored dwarfSchofield convertersensorshieldssnowspacestarshipstarsubspace fieldterraformingtimetoilettonguetractor beamtransportertransporter platformtricorderturboliftvolcanowarp coreWasner biophaserwind

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptaincommunications officercoordinatordoctorensignhostagepoliticianprofessorscience officerscientistworld coordinator

Other references

2158apartment complexassassinationasteroidbeerbeltBerggren berryberrybookbridgecatchairChristmas treecinnamonClass KClass Lclothingcolonycouchcrystalcyclone treedaydiplomacydrinkelectionengineeringfireplacefurnitureglassgovernmentinformation vaultjuiceKenan rootkisslanding partymansionmilitantmugatopacifistparkperfumeplanetquartersRidley CabernetrobeRomulan aleroot beersabotagesample packetsickbaysleevetableteatransporter roomwarwetlandwineyearyeast

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