The mining base was an orbital facility located within the Tyburn system in the Tyburn sector, a strategic sector of Earth Alliance space in the Earth-Romulan War.

History and specificsEdit

Years prior to 2159, the Vulcans established an orbital dilithium mining base within the Tyburn system, fitted with a cutting beam which was used to penetrate planets' surfaces and expose dilithium deposits, as well as a series of four sensor platforms, powered by an early form of nuclear fusion. Unfortunately, the cutting beam leeched all primary energy stores; after each discharge, it took some time for the capacitors to get to full power to allow for another shot.

In 2159, during the Earth-Romulan War, the Romulan Imperial Fleet made a big push into strategic sectors, including Tyburn, apparently on a course for Earth. Knowing that the Romulans had recently begun making use of a metagenic virus, Earth Starfleet believed that they intended to use the toxin on Earth. While some elements of the Romulan fleet were intercepted in Orcini, at least thirty vessels entered the Tyburn system, met only by the mining base, commanded by Reggie, and a pair of Poseidon-class destroyers. It was noted by Reggie that, beyond Tyburn, there was nothing left between the Romulan fleet and Earth's solar system. Fortunately for Starfleet, a task force of vessels led by the NX-class Enterprise NX-01 arrived and provided the orbital facility time to power their cutting beam back up, providing them with a defense against the Romulan vanguard.

Meanwhile, the sensor platforms were brought online remotely with their command functions reprogrammed configured to respond to a strategically timed coded hailing frequency which triggered their detonation, resulting in a nuclear blast which created an electromagnetic pulse that disabled the Romulan vessels. In addition, three Romulan cargo ships were decloaked, heading out of the system at impulse speeds. Deducing that the cargo ships were carrying the remainder of the toxin, Starfleet found that they were protected by shield generators designed for deployment on outposts. While the Starfleet vessels were unable to destroy the cargo ships, they were able to keep them within the limited range of the facility by concentrating fire on their engines, inflicting enough moderate damage to render them temporarily dead in space, thus slowing them down long enough for the mining base's cutting beam to destroy them. While the Tyburn system was contaminated with the bio-agent, Starfleet was able to prevent the Romulans from their weapon on Earth, as well as stopping the advance deeper into their space. Starfleet then proceeded to synthesize a counter agent from a sample of the toxin for the benefit of the people within Tyburn. (ST video game: Legacy)



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