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The Type-1 shuttlecraft was a shuttle design used by the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century.

History and specifications[edit | edit source]

This model of shuttle was externally somewhat similar to the Type-4 shuttlecraft, with cosmetic differences. One craft of this type had been reported as missing by the year 2372 and had been appropriated by the Maquis. In that year, this craft was launched from a Maquis colony in the Badlands carrying six colonists trying to escape the outbreak of a plague, but having already been infected. By the time the shuttle reached Deep Space 9, four colonists had already died and the rest were quarantined in the station's infirmary. The shuttle was then stored in a runabout pad. Two operatives sent from the Maquis colony later destroyed the shuttle there using explosives. (DS9 comic: "The Cancer Within, Part I")

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