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The Type-9A shuttlecraft was a 24th century Federation shuttlecraft class, a large cargo shuttle in Starfleet service from the 2360s to the 2380s[2] decades. (TNG reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual)

Service history[]

The Type-9A was introduced into service sometime before the year 2364. The main production base for these shuttles was Starfleet Plant #24, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars. They were routinely carried aboard Galaxy-class starships and also worked at Starfleet shipbuilding yards, transporting components to orbit from a planet surface. (TNG references: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual)

At least one Type-9A cargo shuttle was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D in the 2360s. It was used as a heavy long-range warp shuttle for the transportation of cargo. (The Official Starships Collection Issue Shuttle 28: "Cargo Shuttle Type 9A")

Still in service in the 2380s, the Type-9A was part of the auxiliary craft complement of Luna-class starships such as the USS Titan in 2386. (TTN novel: Sight Unseen)


Standard version[]

In its standard configuration, the Type-9A cargo shuttle could accommodate two flight crew and one cargo specialist. It was equipped with two 2,150 millicochrane warp engines which gave it a maximum speed of warp 2 for 36 hours, and twelve DeFI 2142 microfusion RCS thrusters. It had a mass of 4.5 metric tonnes when empty, and a maximum payload of 6.6 metric tonnes.

Uprated version[]

Type-9A shuttle schematic.

In its uprated specification, the Type-9A had two 2,175 millicochrane warp engines increasing its speed to warp 2.2, but for a reduced 32 hours. Its payload was also increased to 8.9 metric tonnes.

Special operations[]

For special operations, two type V phaser emitters could be mounted, one each on the upper forward tip of the warp nacelles. (TNG reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual)

Known shuttles[]



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