A Type-IX phaser was a type of phaser emitter usually installed on Federation Starfleet starships and space stations.


This type was developed by Doctor Ejanix at the Level One Development Facility on Weyland Prime in the early 2330s decade.

In the year 2333, a protype was being tested there and used in a demonstration for a number of Starfleet weapons officers, among them Lieutenant Vigo from the USS Stargazer. At the time, this prototype had a maximum effective tactical range of 270.000 kilometers, although Ejanix was hoping to increase that. (STA novel: Three)

By the 2360s, Federation starship classes such as the Centaur-class, Ambassador-class and New Orleans-class were equipped with a number of phaser turrets of this type. When Starfleet began upgrading Deep Space 9's defenses in preparation of a Dominion assault in the early 2370s, turrets of this type were installed in the station's defense sails, along with Type-XI phaser arrays. (DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)

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