Typerias (also known as Lambda Persei) was a class A0IVn light blue star located near the space claimed by the Federation government in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. The star was located in the space between the the Beta Renner Cloud and the Pleiades Cluster, within the Taurus Reach. Lambda Persei was known to Humans as being visible from Earth in the Perseus constellation. (ST reference: Star Charts, VAN novella: Almost Tomorrow)

In 2265, Starfleet Intelligence noted Klingon activity around Typerias. (VAN novella: Almost Tomorrow)

Typerias was noted to contain some sort of inhabitants, and was fairly far-flung from the central Federation, and out beyond Typerias was Kennovere. During the Borg Invasion of 2381, Miranda Kadohata recalled to husband Vicenzo Farrenga the move of Judi and Adams to Kennovere from Dundee Ridge on Cestus III as a veiled hint to get them to leave the danger zone; Farrenga noted that Kennovere was out beyond Typerias. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)


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