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For the primary universe counterpart, see Tzenkethi Coalition.

In the mirror universe, the Tzenkethi Coalition was a government state located in the Alpha Quadrant. It was ruled by the Autarch of the Tzenkethi Coalition.

In January 2377, Miles O'Brien, the leader of the Terran Rebellion, sent General Michael Eddington to negotiate with the Tzenkethi Coalition in an attempt to create a pact against the Alliance. However, Eddington was only allowed to meet with the Mizarian representatives who were acting on behalf of the representatives of the Autarch.

The Tzenkethi were unwilling to take action against the Alliance due to the existing détente between their two governments. Smiley believed that this decision was short-sighted as the Alliance were bound to attack the Tzenkethi sooner or later. (DS9 novel: The Soul Key)

By 2384 the Coalition has developed a working wormhole generator contrary to its primary universe counterpart who failed in that respect. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: Silent Weapons)


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