Tzoryp was a city and the principle port of call on the Gorn planet of Seudath. The city was built on and between six low hills and featured an uneven and incomplete cityscape. The main starport was built upon the broadest and highest elevation while squat industrial structures were flanked by mid-sized residential towers and hotels, and entire blocks were filled with half-constructed buildings and steel skeletons. Power was distributed throughout the city by underground relays.

Located east of the main starport, the alien quarter was the home to a large variety of aliens living in Tzoryp. The starship construction yard was also located next to the alien quarter and near the starport. The starport itself was run down, but still contained amenities for visiting vessels. The city featured an energy generating plant named the "Power Mains". Another area of note was the Warehouse district. It contained some transients and a Klingon Intelligence safehouse.

The Gorn saw the law as something for themselves only. The local Gorn authorities patrolled the Alien Quarter, but tended to be hands-off when it came to policing aliens. Humans and anyone from the Federation were not very popular in Tzoryp. The Gorn currency, szeket, was used for transactions. There were some restaurants that were reserved for Gorn patrons only.

In early 2268 the damaged Orion Freighter Treana was taken into 'protective custody' and brought to Seudath for repairs by a Gorn Cruiser. Tzoryp had the only alien shipyard large enough to allow the Treana to land and allow the Gorn to conduct military analysis. Unbeknownst to the Gorn authorities, the sensor logs of the Treana was wanted by both Starfleet Intelligence and Klingon Intelligence. Agents Bridget McLellan and Cervantes Quinn arrived in time to find Klingon agent Goloth escaping the exploding Treana. Both agents gave chase but became separated when a Nausicaan bounty hunter named Kajek ambushed them. Quinn was able to subdue the Nausicaan and McLelland was able to track down Goloth and retrieve a copy of the Treana sensor data. Goloth was seen leaving the Treana just before its destruction which caused an interstellar incident between the Klingon Empire and the Gorn Hegemony. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

Known Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

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