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Star Trek, the UK comic strips series, was a series of 37 Star Trek: The Original Series comic strip stories published in Great Britain from 1969 to 1973, with 11 annual stories printed up through 1978.


The stories were serialized weekly in four magazines: Joe 90: Top Secret, TV21 & Joe 90, TV21 Weekly and Valiant and TV21. All of the stories were reprinted for the first time in America in the omnibus collections The Classic UK Comics, Volume 1, The Classic UK Comics, Volume 2, and The Classic UK Comics, Volume 3.

The series recounted stories from the five-year mission of the USS Enterprise. While three took place in sector 004, and the events of arc 36 were set up by those in arc 35, the rest were unrelated stories set variously between 2265 and 2268, analogous to stories being published concurrently in Gold Key Comics.

Series firsts


Regular characters

  • James T. Kirk and Spock appeared in all 48 stories. Kirk tended to make rookie mistakes early in the series. Spock usually spoke out of character, often with emotion, despite professing to have a "logical mind", similar to his portrayal in early Gold Key Comics.
  • Nyota Uhura appeared in 42 stories, with five historic turns at command. In the comic strip published on September 27, 1969, she was duty officer of the evening watch in "Spectre of the Zond". In the strip for November 29, 1969, James T. Kirk gave her command in "Nor Any Drop to Drink". On April 11, 1970, Scott gave her command in "The Marshall Plan". On August 1, 1971, she again commanded the night shift in "Thorpex". And on November 20, 1971, Kirk gave her command in "By Order of the Empire". Uhura also often played an active role on the bridge and had more dialogue. She did not appear in arcs 2, 3, 5, 7 or annuals 5, 7.
  • Montgomery Scott appeared in 32 stories. He replaced McCoy in prominence, perhaps because of his British heritage. While in command, he engaged a fleet of D7-class Klingon battlecruisers in arc 35, destroyed four Romulan raiders in arc 36, and led shuttlecraft rescue missions in arcs 12 and 14. In arc 11, he sneaked into a Klingon outpost and destroyed a weapon that would have led to the Federation's surrender. He nearly died from hyper aging in arc 25, as in TOS episode: "The Deadly Years". He did not appear in 1-8, 13, 20, 33 or annuals 1, 4-7.
  • Hikaru Sulu appeared in 30 stories. While usually at the helm, he also served rotations as the ship's armaments officer in charge of the phaser control room. He was injured in arc 9, went on landing party missions in arcs 8, 11, 17, 32, 34 and piloted rescue shuttles in arcs 6 and 36. Rebels built a statue of him in arc 17. He took command from Uhura in arc 15. He did not appear in 3, 16, 20, 22, 24, 25, 28, 30, 31, 33. He only appeared in annuals 2, 4, 11, though he was referenced in annual 6.
  • Leonard McCoy appeared in only 20 stories. McCoy took a back seat in this series, though he saved the day in arc 23 "Prison Break" and was exiled with Kirk in arc 2, "The Crucial Element". He appeared in 2, 4, 6, 8-11, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 27, 30, 33, 35, 36, and annuals 1, 2, 8, 11, and was referenced in annual 9.
  • Pavel Chekov appeared in 14 stories. A full range of his background was shown, from manning the transporter room in arc 35, to accidentally causing a firefight on an early landing party mission in arc 16 "Under the Sea", to leading a skeleton crew in arc 26 "By Order of the Empire", to taking command in arcs 23 and 30. He had a featured role in arc 32. He appeared in arcs 12, 15-18, 23, 25-28, 30, 32, 34, 35 and annual 11, and was referenced in arc 7.

Semi-regular characterss

Notable original characters

Recurring Races




Produced in an era when licensed Star Trek comics adhered less to canon, the creative teams provided wildly differing interpretations of the Enterprise and its crew in the 2260s with a decidedly British flavor. Reprint editor Rich Handley provided detailed series perspectives in his omnibus introductions and various online articles.


Identities of most of the series' writers have been lost to time, though Angus Allan was known to have written arcs 1-7 and Jack Sutter wrote annuals 8 and 9. Artists included John Stokes (14 stories), Harry Lindfield (10.5 stories), the team of Vicente Alcázar and Carlos Pino (6 stories), Mike Noble (four stories), Jim Baikie (3.5 stories), John Canning (2 stories), Harold Johns (1.5 stories), Ron Turner (1.5 stories), and Frank Bellamy (1 story). The artists for annuals 3-6 remain unknown.


Joe 90: Top Secret

Issues Arc title writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
1-6 1 "Life Form Nonexistent" Angus Allan Harry Lindfield 1/18/69-2/22/69 Demanding robot.jpg
7-10 2 "The Crucial Element" Angus Allan Harry Lindfield 3/1/69-3/22/69 Space Bug 7 explosion.jpg
11-14 3 "Beware the Beast" Angus Allan Harry Lindfield 3/29/69-4/19/69 UK3-cover.jpg
15-18 4 "The Third Party" Angus Allan Harry Lindfield 4/26/69-5/17/69 UK4-Kirk-space-bug.jpg
19-22 5 "The Children of Stai" Angus Allan Harry Lindfield 5/24/69-6/14/69 UK5-Spock.jpg
23-30 6 "Skin Deep" Angus Allan Harry Lindfield 6/21/69-8/9/69 UK6-cover.jpg
31-34 7 "The Eagles Have Landed" Angus Allan Harry Lindfield 8/16/69-9/20/69 Roggaf.jpg

TV21 & Joe 90

Issues Arc title writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
1-6 8 "Spectre of the Zond" Harry Lindfield 9/27/69-11/1/69 TV21Joe90no4-cover.jpg
7-11 9 "Nor Any Drop to Drink" Harry Lindfield 11/8/69-12/6/69 TV21Joe90-11-cover.jpg
12-17 10 "Menace of the Moloth" Harry Lindfield 12/13/69-1/17/70 TV21Joe90-13-cover.jpg
18-23 11 "The Klingon Ultimatum" Harry Lindfield, Jim Baikie 1/24/70-2/28/70 TV21Joe90-19-cover.jpg
24-31 12 "The Marshall Plan" Jim Baikie 3/7/70-4/25/70 TV21-Joe90-issue29.jpg
32-36 13 "Mutiny on the Dorado" Mike Noble 5/2/70-5/30/70 TV21Joe90-33cvr.jpg

TV21 Weekly

Issues Arc title writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
37-38 13 "Mutiny on the Dorado" Mike Noble 6/6/70-6/13/70
39-44 14 "The Ageless One" Mike Noble 6/20/70-7/25/70 TV21-41-cover.jpg
45-51 15 "Thorpex" Mike Noble 8/1/70-9/12/70 TV21-45-cover.jpg
52-57 16 "Under the Sea" Mike Noble 9/19/70-10/24/70 TV21-53-cover.jpg
58-64 17 "Revolt on Dak-Alpha" Harold Johns, Ron Turner 10/31/70-12/12/70 TV21-60-cover.jpg
65-73 18 "Where Giants Tread" Harold Johns 12/19/70-2/13/71 TV21Joe90-65cvr.jpg
74-77 19 "I, Emperor" Vicente Alcázar, Carlos Pino 2/20/71-3/13/71 TV21-75cvr.jpg
78-81 20 "Slaves of the Frogmen" Vicente Alcázar, Carlos Pino 3/20/71-4/10/71 TV21-78cvr.jpg
82-90 21 "Key Witness" Vicente Alcázar, Carlos Pino 4/17/71-6/12/71 TV21-82cvr.jpg
91-94 22 "Nova-Thirteen" Vicente Alcázar, Carlos Pino 6/19/71-76/10/71 TV21-92-cvr.jpg
95-100 23 "Prison Break" Vicente Alcázar, Carlos Pino 7/17/71-8/21/71 TV21-95-cvr.jpg
101-105 24 "Vibrations in Time" Vicente Alcázar, Carlos Pino 8/28/71-9/25/71 TV21-102-cvr.jpg

Valiant and TV21

Issues Arc title writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
1-2 25 "The Aging World" John Stokes 10/2/71-10/9/71 Aging-World.jpg
3-11 26 "By Order of the Empire" John Stokes 10/16/71-12/11/71 UK26-Hypnotized.jpg
12-17 27 "Creeping Death" John Stokes 12/18/71-1/23/72 Kappa-system.jpg
18-22 28 "Ground Zero" John Stokes 1/29/72-2/26/72 Planet-656-natives.jpg
23-33 29 "The Collector" John Stokes 3/4/72-5/13/72 Machine-gun-turret.jpg
34-42 30 "To Swiftly Go..." John Stokes 5/20/72-7/15/72 UK30-size-differential.jpg
43-47 31 "The Mindless Ones" John Stokes 7/22/72-8/19/72 Mindless-Ones.jpg
48-56 32 "The Perithees Alliance" John Stokes 8/26/72-10/21/72 Tektonians.jpg
57-63 33 "The Saboteur Within" John Stokes 10/28/72-12/9/72 Cereonian-saboteur.jpg
64-73 34 "The Void of Storms" John Stokes 12/16/72-2/17/73 Void of Storms.jpg
74-90 35 "Spheres of War" John Stokes 2/24/73-6/16/73 D7 vs spheroids.jpg
91-106 36 "Shell Game" John Stokes 6/23/73-10/6/73 Shell Game comic.jpg
107-118 37 "To Rule the Universe" John Stokes 10/13/73-12/29/73 UK37-Plixean-doubles.jpg

Annual stories

Number title writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
1 "Target: Zargot" Ron Turner 1969 Zargotian.jpg
2 "A Bite of the Apple" Frank Bellamy 1970 Radio-Times-27.jpg
3 "Captives in Space" 1970 Captives-in-Space.jpg
4 "Planet of Rejects" 1970 Planet-of-Rejects.jpg
5 "Gateway to the Future" 1970 Gateway-to-the-Future.jpg
6 "The Zodian Sacrifice" 1971 Zodians.jpg
7 "Smoke and Mirrors" John Stokes 1972 Klingon-Smoke-and-Mirrors.jpg
8 "Planet of the Dead" Jack Sutter Jim Baikie 1972 Planet-of-the-Dead.jpg
9 "What Is This Thing Called Spock?" Jack Sutter Jim Baikie 1972 What-Is-This-Thing-Called-Spock.jpg
10 "The Gods Have Come!" John Canning 1977 The-Gods-Have-Come.jpg
11 "Rock and a Hard Place" John Canning 1978 Rock-and-a-Hard-Place.jpg


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