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The USS Agamemnon was a Federation starship, an Odysseus-class vessel in Starfleet service in the early 24th century, and was one of a number of starships named for a hero of Greek literature.

Service historyEdit

By 2311, the Agamemnon was under the command of Captain Esteban Rodriguez. That year, it was assigned to the Federation-Romulan Border. It was one of only two ships in its class remaining in service and there were rumors it was soon to be decommissioned.

The Agammemnon was destroyed in the Foxtrot sector with a loss of all hands when the artificial quantum singularity powering the Romulan flagship IRW Tomed's warp drive collapsed mid-warp, creating a subspace shock wave that tore apart the sector. Agamemnon fired on Tomed but was unable to stop the ship. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins; STA novel: Progenitor)

In truth, though the Agamemnon was destroyed by the shock wave, and all crew members were reported as having been killed in action, there was no loss of life aboard the vessel; see Tomed Incident for details.


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