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This page details USS Ahriman in the primary universe; for the USS Ahriman in the Kelvin timeline created by Nero's temporal incursion see USS Ahriman (Kelvin timeline).

The USS Ahriman (NCC-513) was a 23rd century Federation starship, authorized on stardate 0965 by Starfleet for construction as a Mk VIII Saladin-class class I destroyer. (TOS reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Service history[]

The Ahriman was the first posting of Ensign Nyota Uhura after graduating from Starfleet Academy. Aboard the Saladin-class scout, she was bunkmates with Vheman. (TOS novel: Living Memory)

During a mission to Wynet V in the year 2261, the Ahriman's commanding officer was killed. (TOS novel: The Tears of the Singers)

In 2279, Uhura contacted Commander Vheman, her former bunkmate, during an investigation into the vacuum flare phenomenon. (TOS novel: Living Memory)




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