The USS Anticipation was a Federation Nova-class long-range exploration vessel in Starfleet service in the late 24th century. The Anticipation was equipped with a single shuttlecraft. The Anticipation was one of two Nova-class starships lost in the Delta Quadrant; the other being the USS Equinox. (VOY - Strange New Worlds 6 short story: "Hidden")

History and specifications[edit | edit source]

In the 2370s, the Anticipation was under the command of Captain Jose Pizarro. He deigned himself a descendant of a Spanish conqueror and had an escutcheon of a Spanish coat of arms painted on the secondary hull.

Sometime in the 2370s, the Anticipation was swept into the Delta Quadrant by unknown means. Sometime before 2376, the Anticipation stranded in the center of a class 3 nebula and became part of the graveyard of ships found there. Space parasites native to the nebula boarded the ship and killed the crew. The parasites were out of phase and were hard to apprehend. The Anticipation sent a distress call. When Captain Pizarro tried to record a warning beacon, he was killed by the parasites.

When the crew was dead, USS Anticipation was left in the nebula to slowly degrade among the other hulks.

In the year 2376, USS Voyager received Anticipation's distress signal when it entered the sector. Captain Kathryn Janeway ordered to investigate and had Lieutenant Tom Paris set a course for the nebula, which was approx. 15 million kilometers away. Inside, Voyager went directly for the Anticipation. Its registry had degraded to be unreadable but Janeway recognized the Spanish escutcheon on the engineering hull. Knowing Pizarro personally, she led an away team consisting of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Lieutenant (j.g.) B'Elanna Torres, Ensign Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Crewman Porter and two other engineers. The away team restored emergency power and Seven copied what little remained of the degraded databanks. Of the captain's log, only Pizarro's last four entries remained. While looking for spare parts in the lower hull, Torres' team was attacked by a space parasite. It captured Crewman Porter but the away team saved him and returned to Voyager. In the interim, space parasites had boarded Voyager but were hunted down by the crew. Voyager left the nebula quickly and abandoned the Anticipation among the hulks. (VOY - Strange New Worlds 6 short story: "Hidden")

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