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The USS Athens[1] was a 24th century Federation starship, an Edward-class mining freighter[1] in Starfleet service in the 2370s[1] and 2380s[2] decades. Its commanding officer was Captain T'Vala.[2] Athens saw action against the Borg. (ST video game: Armada, ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

Service history and disposition[]

Federation mining freighters of the Edward class were in widespread Starfleet use in the 2370s decade. The Athens was active by the year 2376. The ship was involved in supplying Starfleet's starbase infrastructure during the Borg Invasion of 2376. In various star systems, the mining vessel was deployed from a starbase and mined dilithium from dilithium moons, which it then transferred to nearby Federation mining stations for processing. (ST video game: Armada)

When Locutus led a Borg fleet into the Sol star system, Starfleet deployed all available mining freighters to shore up resources in the desperate fight to defend Earth from the Borg Collective. (ST video game: Armada mission: "A Line in the Sand")

Six months later, 2377, Starfleet suffered an attack by Gul Kentar's insurrectionist forces in the Pearl Nebula, and defended the galaxy during the Borg Invasion of 2377 and a Species 8472 incursion. The Athens was one of the ships deployed in the combat areas. (ST video game: Armada II)

In 2379, the Athens was available for a training simulation at Starfleet Academy by Carey. (ST video game: Armada, tutorial missions)

By early 2381, Captain T'Vala served as the commanding officer of the Athens. During the Borg invasion in February, the Athens was dispatched to the Azure Nebula to join the other allied reinforcements there to prevent further Borg incursions. While on station, the Athens was successful in determining the proper soliton wave frequency to open subspace tunnel aperture twenty-three alpha. However, before any vessel could pass through to scout, tunnel twenty-six opened to allow over seven thousand Borg cubes through, assaulting the awaiting fleet. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

Out of 300 allied ships, only USS Voyager survived the onslaught. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

In the 2400s, T'Vala served as captain of another USS Athens. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "War Games")




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