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The USS Ballista (NCC-52053) was a Federation starship, a Steamrunner-class cruiser in service from the late 24th to the early 25th century. (ST video games: Armada II, Star Trek Online)

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In 2377, the Ballista was one of many Steamrunner-class starships to participate in repelling the Borg incursion of that year. (ST video game: Armada II)

Earth Spacedock Docked Starships display

A system display at Earth Spacedock showing the names and registry numbers of several Federation starships docked at the space station in 2410, including the Ballista.

Following the 2410 Undine attack on the Sol system, the Ballista was docked inside Earth Spacedock. (ST video game: Star Trek Online [Season 9])



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No history or fate is established for this vessel in Armada II as its name was randomly assigned to a cruiser vessel by the game software. The registry number was given by a display on Earth Spacedock in Star Trek Online.


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