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The USS Barcelona was a 24th century Federation starship, a Steamrunner-class heavy frigate in Starfleet service in the 2370s decade.

Service history and disposition

The Barcelona was named after the Human city of Barcelona on the planet Earth

In the year 2377, the Barcelona was hit by a discharge of protomatter known as a Genesis Wave. This wave caused damage to the ship, and resulted in the death of all but one member of the crew — an Antosian named Raynr Sleven. Sleven was rendered comatose by the Genesis Wave.

The USS Enterprise-D found the Barcelona, adrift, when undergoing search-and-rescue efforts on ships that were affected by the Genesis Wave incidents. Sleven was rescued by the crew of the Enterprise, and restored to health by Doctor Beverly Crusher.

The Enterprise and the adrift Barcelona were discovered and approached by a Romulan warbird, the IRW Javlek. Troops from the Javlek boarded the Barcelona, but soon after both the Javlek and the Barcelona were destroyed by a spontaneous spatial rift forming in the immediate area. (TNG novel: The Genesis Wave, Book 3)


  • Raynr Sleven



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