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This article is about the Defiant-class starship. You may be looking for the USS Belfast (Galaxy X-class).

The USS Belfast (NCC-75633-C) was a Defiant-class escort under the command of Captain Va'Kel Shon in the 2400s. She was destroyed over Facility 4028 in 2409.


On Stardate 86927.78 in 2409, the Belfast was on patrol in the Orias sector reconnoitering True Way movements in the region. The ship encountered an abandoned Jem'Hadar starship in the Enocha system. The origin of the decades-old ghost ship remained a mystery to the crew, who boarded and secured it. (STO website: Season 5 Dev Diary #6)

The Belfast was part of Starfleet reinforcements that arrived in the Vega system to defend it against a Borg cube. (STO mission: "Assimilation of the Innocent")

The Belfast was also part of the reinforcements deployed to Vulcan under Admiral T'nae to defend it against a Romulan attack led by Empress Sela. (STO - Romulan Mystery mission: "Empress Sela")

She later joined a joint Starfleet/KDF task force sent to aid the fledgling Romulan Republic in the defense of New Romulus against an Elachi invasion. (STO mission: "Devil's Choice")

The Belfast traveled to Deep Space 9 in order for Captain Shon to be present as a Starfleet representative at high-level negotiations to form a coalition against the Borg threat. The meeting was interrupted by a sudden Dominion attack through the Bajoran wormhole, and the Belfast took part in the ensuing fighting retreat from Deep Space 9. (STO mission: "Second Wave")

Not long after, Shon led reinforcements to Facility 4028 to cover the extraction of the female Changeling from the prison, in exchange for the Dominion ordering First Kar'ukan to stand down. The Belfast was destroyed during the battle, but Shon and some of his crew survived. (STO mission: "Facility 4028")

On Captain Data's recommendation, Shon was subsequently made commanding officer of the newly launched USS Enterprise-F, which he would lead to Deep Space 9 to aid in retaking it from Kar'ukan's forces. Shon commented that the Belfast was a good ship, but he was proud to be given the honor of commanding the new Federation flagship. (STO mission: "Boldly They Rode")




The Belfast is most likely named for the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland on Earth, or the World War 2 British Town Class (1939) Edinburgh Sub-class Light Cruiser HMS Belfast (C35) currently preserved as a museum ship on the River Thames in London, England, Earth.


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