The USS Billings (NCC-3907) was a Federation starship, a Constellation-class cruiser in Starfleet service in the 24th century. (ST - Waypoint comic: "The Swift Spoke")

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In the mid-2360s, Commander Kathryn Janeway served as a command officer aboard the Billings. (VOY episode: "Revulsion")

On stardate 32641.2, the Billings visited planet Arali Prime, at the invitation of the native Adegeda. Second officer Lieutenant Commander Janeway received the honor to lead an away team. The science officer brought Lieutenant junior grade Tuvok, Ensigns Probert, Ayana, and an Arcadian science officer along aboard Shuttle 03.

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Shuttle 03 touched down on Arali Prime, and the team met with the Adegeda ambassador and their entourage. Due to the trans-dimensional nature of the planet's environment, the team began shifting between different locales, suffering from attacks by Adegeda airships and a volcanic eruptions. When returning to the Adegeda's presence, Janeway resolved the intercultural misunderstanding and gained agreement with the ambassador to depart and return later. Janeway and Tuvok piloted the shuttle back to the Billings. The three ensigns were worse for the wear, with Probert tired, Anaya injured and missing her left entire sleeve, and the Arcadian officer overwhelmed. (ST - Waypoint comic: "The Swift Spoke")

During one mission under her command inm 2365, Janeway sent an away team to perform a survey of a volcanic moon via shuttlecraft. While performing the mission, the shuttle was then damaged by a magma eruption, and three crewmen were injured as a result. The following day, Janeway took out a shuttle and performed the mission herself. (VOY episode: "Night")

In 2367, Janeway still served aboard the Billings. As of that year, according to Doctor Selar, the Billings had no recorded contact with Q. (NF - No Limits short story: "'Q'uandary")

In 2381, the USS Billings led a reserve wing on a collision course with the Borg fleet over Vulcan, but it and the fleet were destroyed by the Borg before they even rammed the cubes. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)




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