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The USS Cabot was a Federation starship, a Magee-class science vessel in Starfleet service in the 2250s decade. Its commanding officer was Captain Lynne Lucero. (Short Treks episode: "The Trouble with Edward")

Service historyEdit

On stardate 1421.9 (2258), Lynne Lucero transferred from the USS Enterprise to the Cabot to commence her captaincy. The ships rendezvoused in orbit of Pragine 63 and parted ways when Lucero beamed aboard the Cabot.

The ship's first mission under the new captain was to alleviate starvation on Pragine 63. Lucero delegated her science team to find a solution. Genetic engineering by science officer Edward Larkin led to highly reproductive tribble augments, which shared his Human DNA. The tribbles overwhelmed the crew, which abandoned the Cabot. The exponentially multiplying creatures destroyed the ship with their sheer mass.

Lucero was later interviewed by Starfleet admiralty about the loss of the USS Cabot, and the subsequent ecological destruction of Pragine 63 by tribbles. (Short Treks episode: "The Trouble with Edward")




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